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MUKASH Recyclable Holographic Tote Bag (Reflective Effect)

RM 25.00

Exclusive MUKASH Recyclable Holographic Tote Bag, very useful and lightweight. You can fold and keep it in your car or hang it on your wall. Easy to carry and convenient to put your lunch box, groceries, towels, files, and of course, to re-use by giving it to someone else.

MUKASH Recyclable Holographic Tote Bag also has a reflective effect which can be helpful to enhance your safety especially when you are walking. 

  • reflective bag (high-visibility bag): warning material intended to provide improved conspicuity in situations where the risk of not being seen is high;
  • fluorescent material: material that emits electromagnetic radiation at visible wavelengths longer than those absorbed.

This high-visibility bag is to signal the presence of the bag user in places and situations which may cause potential threats to their health and safety. Such signaling must be effective at any time of day and night when it is dark — in the light of vehicle lamps, headlamps as well as street lighting. So when you are carrying our MUKASH Recyclable Holographic Tote Bag, you will be visible as it improves your safety and also prevent any accidents. 

Size :

32cm(l) x 29cm(h) x 10cm(w)


PVC bag and Polyurethane handle.


0.1KG - Very lightweight and high quality.